With K12-ERP school can communicate both routine messages like fee, attendance, school events and other reminders as well as emergency messages like school closures due to heavy rains or other serious safety concerns by instant SMS notification. Now parents will never have to worry about losing school notice, emergency notifications, and remarks anymore! K12-ERP has well defined auto alert system for sharing school related information with parents.

K12-ERP SMS are TRI approved ensuring instant delivery of SMS Notifications to every parent.

All the SMS of K12-ERP are approved by TRI (Telecom Regulatory Authority) for sending SMS even on DND numbers ensuring instant SMS delivery to every parent.

Using K12-ERP schools can send SMS to parents with a Six Digit Sender ID in school’s name.

K12-ERP provides a fast and reliable way to connect with your parents using a personalized Sender ID of six digit alphanumeric characters in the name of your school to increase school's brand presence and reputation.