K12-ERP has replaced the old paper-based school diary with Online school diary for instant and electronic parent-teacher communication to track child's activity and behavior at school from anywhere, anytime without having face-to-face meeting on a regular basis. It aims at ensuring speedy decision making and sharing of information besides cutting expenses on paper as well as saving time and money.


With K12-Diary parents can track their child's disciplinary remarks like absence record, teacher's remark, rewards and complains from anywhere, anytime! K12-Diary is of greater use for parents who are working or remotely located from school as they can get instant information about their child's activity and behavior at school without having face-to-face meeting on a regular basis or without depending on their child for the right information.

Teacher's Note

The Research has found that a good two-way communication between parents and teacher is the key to improve students performance and positive behavior helping them to do better in school. By effective interaction with parents, teachers can get a boost in helping their students to succeed in school and show an improved behavior.


With K12-Diary teachers can write and send quick remarks just like a simple post to parents regarding their child's activity at school. The teacher's remark will be auto displayed in parent-portal along with SMS Alert allowing parents to review and answer the post at any time from home or office. It aims at reducing the gap between parents, teachers and school to help a child do better in school.

Parent's Note

It is proved that children do better when parents communicate often with their teachers and become involved in the daily school activities.


With K12-Diary parents can at anytime communicate with teachers and school. They can view teachers remarks and answer them instantly just like a simple post with few clicks from anywhere, anytime!