It is said that-"The quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers." With K12-ERP teachers can get rid of clerical tasks like maintaining daily attendance register, calculating percentage of various exam grades and preparing grade books. Tedious task of student daily attendance can be done in few clicks with the help of K12-ERP helping teachers to save 80% of time and share attendance data with parents through auto SMS and E-mail notifications encouraging absentees to be regular in school. No need to invest time in calculating attendance for grade book or statistical records and graphical representation.

With K12-ERP parents are automatically notified about their child's absence, leave and tardy through automatic SMS and e-mail alerts. Auto alerts for the regular absentees encourage them to be regular in school.

Term wise attendance

If for any reason daily attendance has not been updated in application by teachers then term wise attendance data entry can also be done through K12-ERP for quick update in grade book with graphical representation.