With K12-ERP parents can access grades online from anywhere, anytime! Online access of grades to parents will not only help to save time but also helps in saving tons of paper and reduce stationery expense of the school resulting in saving Lacs of rupees.

No need to calculate anything manually. Simply enter the grades and K12-ERP will do the rest !

School Term-end examination evaluation is generally prone to several mistakes leading to both student and the teacher dissatisfaction. With K12-ERP Online Grade-Book, grade calculation, report generation, writing indicators and report distribution containing principal’s signature can be done within minutes reducing teachers workload by 90%. K12-ERP application makes the student assessment easy and helps the teaching staff to deliver best education leaving the burden of summative and formative assessment.

Teachers can generate beautiful reports in minutes with K12-ERP and share grades with parents in just one cilck !

K12-ERP makes grading more efficient and reduces calculation errors. Teachers no longer have to spend hours in preparing marks registers and grade point registers. Grades are automatically posted to the K12 Parent-Portal for parent review.