School management System

K12-ERP is a single interactive platform for all the stakeholders within the education community – students, teachers, management and parents with 24/7 access of student data and information to everyone and in all the departments. With K12-ERP online school management system school admin can have access to all aspects of student-based information by just a few clicks for speedy decision making. K12-ERP helps school management to take informed decision with the click of a button from anywhere, anytime!

Apps for Parents

With K12-ERP mobile apps parents can have easy online access to their child's school related information like: exam grades, attendance, complaints, leave record and behavior at school in real time from “anywhere”, “anytime” without having face-to-face meeting on a regular basis. It is of greater use for parents who are working or remotely located from school.

Apps for Teachers

With K12-ERP Apps for teachers, school principals and teachers can get rid of clerical jobs like student information management, tracking daily attendance, calculating percentage of various exam grades and preparing report card of students. They don't need to calculate anything manually, they have to simply enter the data and K12-ERP will do the rest helping teachers to save time and share information with parents.

Online School Fee

Easy integration with online payment gateway for hassle free fee collection. K12-ERP makes the fee collection process hassle–free transaction by empowering schools to collect the fee online avoiding long queues at school or banks. With K12-ERP parents can pay the school fee online from the comfort of their home using debit/credit card.


With K12-ERP get a dynamic and informative website for school without investing additional time and money. K12-ERP websites are self-managed and follow all the guide lines of CBSE set for an affiliated school website.

Online Registration

K12-ERP provides parents with the ability to register their children online from the comfort of their sofa avoiding long queues at schools and provides school administrator with valid data eliminating data entry and documentation.


With K12-ERP teachers can easily share school homework and assignments online with parents helping them to know what's happening in class. Online availability of homework and assignments will help parents to find out what the child has missed and help them to catch up if the child has missed the school.