K12-ERP Quick-Tour

A comprehensive ERP solution for schools on Software as a service (Saas) delivery model

School management

K12-ERP is a complete IT solution for K-12 schools to manage school and parents efficiently at the click of a button

Online School Fee

Easy integration with online payment gateway for hassle free fee collection avoiding long queues at school or banks


Apps for parents to stay informed and engaged in their child's education from anywhere, anytime!

Parent notification

Schools can send circulars, routine messages and emergency notifications to parents by SMS and E-mail with the click of a button.

Share Homework

With K12-ERP teachers can create homework and assignments in minutes and share them easily with parents just like an e-mail post

Online Registration

K12-ERP reforms the entire enrollment process of school to make it hassle free by easy online registration system

What do Schools say

About K12-ERP School Management Software

Why K12-ERP

Here's why K12-ERP will have so much value to your school

Easy Implementation

Simply do the easy sign up and our team will handle the rest!

Greater Integration

No need to invest extra time and effort in managing multiple applications.

go digital, save green

Digital empowerment of schools will reduce paper consumption up to 99%

Anytime, Anywhere

Data and services are stored remotely but accessible 24/7 from anywhere anytime.

24/7 Support

Our dedicated support team is ready to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Secured and reliable

K12-ERP offers the highest levels of trust and authentication with strong 256-bit encryption.

K12-ERP is hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform and infrastructure to provide high speed, reliable and a hassle-free cloud application to schools and parents. Microsoft Azure is one of the most secured and reliable cloud deployment platforms in the world.

Do You Know

Some cool facts about K12-ERP
80 %
Time Saving
90 %
Money Saving
99 %
Paper Saving

K12-ERP Benefits

What's amazing about K12-ERP

Benefits to
School Administration

Goodwill and Trust

K12-ERP help schools to establish better reputation and trust in the community.

Quick Decision

24/7 Availability of real time up to date information from various departments.

Instant Access

Instant access to required information and activities of the school.

Website Integration API

Manage events, circulars, schedules and results with automatic post on school website.

Integrated Portal

Parent-Portal gathers information directly from your school’s K12-ERP application.


Improve channels of communication between parents, teachers and school management.

Free School Website

Get a dynamic website for your school without investing additional time and money.

Unlimited SMS

Get unlimited SMS for emergency notifications, circulars, events and routine messages.

Apps for Teachers

K12-ERP help teachers to save 80% of time thus helping them to improve education quality.

Benefits to Parents


Track your child’s grades, homework, fees and remarks from Anywhere, Anytime!

Save Time and Expenses

Save travel time and expenses by easy online access to your child's school information.

No More Long Queues

Pay school fee online from the comfort of your home using credit/debit card.

Apps for Parents

With K12-ERP Apps get instant updates about your ward's complains and behavior in school.

Instant Communication

Online School Diary for improved and instant communication with teachers and school.

Succeed In Life

Parental involvement help your ward to improve performance helping them to succeed in life.

Benefits to Teachers

No more clerical tasks

Get rid of clerical tasks like attendance and grade calculation of various tests and exams.

Effective Interaction

By effective interaction with parents get a boost in helping students to succeed in school.

More Respect

Due to real-time information parents will have more respect for teachers and schools.

Apps for Teachers

With K12-ERP Apps teachers can easily share school homework and assignments online.

Quick Attendance

Tedious task of daily attendance can be done in few clicks with auto notification to parents.

Automated Gradebook

No need to calculate anything manually. Simply enter the grades and K12-ERP will do the rest!

80% time Saving

Easy-to-use interface helps to save time and devote more time towards quality education.

Behavior Tracking

Teachers can track and record student's behavior from anywhere, anytime!

Information Sharing

With K12-ERP mobile apps teacherd can share information with parents in just one click!

Benefits to Students


Have parents more responsible towards your education and behavior in school.

Best Education

Get quality education as teachers will have more time to devote to the students.

Apps for students

Get instant information regarding schedule, attendance, grades and remarks.


Parental involvement helps to improve student's performance helping them to succeed in life.


Involve parents make students attend school regularly, get better grades and have positive attitude.

24/7 information

Never lose any information about the school events, circulars and results.

Technical Benefits

Run on any device

You do not need a high-powered and high-priced computer to run K12-ERP application.

No Knowledge Required

K12-ERP is so easy that any person with a little knowledge of mobile can handle it.

Cloud Based

If your computer crashes, all your data is still out there in the cloud, still accessible.

(SaaS) Delivery Model

Being delivered on (SaaS) model K12-ERP alleviates the burden of software maintenance.

Anywhere Accessiblity

Data and services are stored remotely but accessible from “anywhere”, "anytime"!

24/7 Support

Our dedicated support team is ready to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.